Math Quest X

Mastery Edition

Math Quest: A General Introduction


Welcome to Math Quest! Here you will find the game-inspired, blended mastery learning management system designed by Mr. Richardson. In addition to hosting listings & links to coursework, this site includes a variety of incentive systems for completing activities and exhibiting positive behaviors. As you will see, Math Quest leverages technology to provide blended curricula with activities that flow into and out of the classroom. 

A Blended Mastery Framework with Game-Inspired Elements

Among the fundamental components of Math Quest are Mr. Richardson’s Formative lessons. These include embedded instructional slideshows and screencasts, guided practice items, independent practice exercises, review, and self-reflection. These activities provide students with dynamic learning opportunities that fit into their schedules. Whether traveling for school activities, ill, or simply needing additional time to become proficient, the lessons provide instruction, scaffolding, and practice both inside and outside of the classroom.

Hosted on YouTube and Google Drive and available offline, Mr. Richardson’s library of screencast videos offer a differentiated experience in which learners can pause, rewind, review, & seek assistance as necessary to maximize their learning. Unlike traditional lectures, video lessons do not require that all students “pause” their learning every time a peer has a question. Additionally, when completing lessons on Formative and EDpuzzle, the embedded checks for understanding break new material into small segments and provide immediate feedback. Prompt feedback is particularly important in mathematics courses due to their sequential nature and enhances the ability of each student to understanding each topic before moving on.

The structures of our courses are based upon a blended learning instructional model. Multimedia lessons and other educational technology allow for the efficient blending of traditional in-class and out-of-class activities. Providing learners access to quality instructional and practice resources when not in class frees up class time for targeted individual or small group instruction. The result is increased efficiency and more time working directly with the teacher on complex or challenging tasks as needed by individual students.

Math Quest is a gamified system of points, levels, & badges. After selecting an avatar and registering, learners find themselves in a system of tasks, challenges, and rewards. By completing required and optional activities, each learner will progress through a series of levels and stature, earning distinct titles and unlocking achievement badges by completing specific tasks and activities. As in life, hard work, productive habits and routines, and positive attitudes are keys to success in Math Quest.