Chapter 6

Exponential & Logarithmic Functions

Everyday Explorations

Dr. Matthew Piscitelli is an archaeologist who researches an early civilization in the Norte Chico region of Peru. Dr. Piscitelli writes that during the Late Archaic Period, people in the Norte Chico region changed from being hunter-gatherers to being farmers. They built cities and ceremonial structures. Their civilization is one of the oldest in the Americas.

What is archaeology?

When was the Late Archaic Period?

Which crops did the ancient Peruvians grow?

Describe some of the large ceremonial structures that the ancient Peruvians built during the Late Archaic Period.

Learning Target

Understand exponential and logarithmic functions.

Success Criteria

I can determine whether a function represents exponential growth or decay.

I can simplify exponential and logarithmic expressions.

I can solve exponential and logarithmic equations.

I can model exponential and logarithmic functions.


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