Watch Instructional Videos

How to Watch an Instructional Video

Secure a proper environment

  • Remove distractions:
    • Phone
    • Friends
    • TV
    • Classmates

Ensure you are ready & want to learn

  • Make sure you are not in a rush
  • Use headphones and face away from any distractions that may remain
  • Understand that there is value in the video and your job is to find it
  • As you begin, check yourself: Are you fully engaged?
    • If not, identify and remove obstacles.

Take notes

  • Take notes, even notes you may throw away.
    • Keep in mind that notes taken digitally usually allow for keyword searches
  • Writing down keywords, concepts, and drawing shapes, diagrams like flowcharts, and even doodling can help you maintain focus and retain information.
    • Writing with a pencil, pen, or stylus may be more beneficial than typing.
  • Be mindful of definitions, theorems, and vocabulary that may be valuable additions to your "official" note cards

Check your own understanding

  • Pause, rewind, and seek clarification as often as needed.
    • Know your resources for clarification:
      • Google
      • Peers
      • Your notes
      • WolframAlpha
      • Teachers
  • If the video provides checks for understanding (like when Sal Khan recommends that you pause a video and work it out on your own or EDpuzzle provides questions), carefully consider and complete the item. Don’t rush.
  • Let the check for understanding dictate whether you are ready to move on.
    • If you struggle, rewind, re-watch, seek clarification before moving on.
    • Know that math is sequential. Most topics are based upon previous material, so it is extra important to understand before moving on.
      • Not doing so sets yourself up for added frustration and failure in subsequent content.

Wrapping up

  • Consider watching all or some of the video through once more
  • Consider earmarking the video to re-watch before the upcoming assessment
  • Write down any questions or content you would like to follow up on with your teacher and/or class